Welcome to Simply Organised Solutions.

I am Fiona Heath a married mother of 3 children. I studied primary school teaching and have taught both adults and high school children thriving on using education to empower those I have been working with.

Being organised is something that is close to my heart. I firmly believe that when your environment is operating at its best you are free to pursue your dreams and achieve excellence. Your internal and external environment can have an enormous effect on your ability to function at your best.

Simply Organised Solutions is a coaching service that helps to address these issues in a personal and individually customised way. I will help you understand the way you process information and how you choose to retrieve it, and, together with you, devise a method to streamline this. Organising can take the form of helping to clear physical spaces to make them function better or to streamline file management on your computer.

People organise their home and work space differently – there is no one size fits all

Do you

  •  prefer things to be visible in colour coded or pretty containers
  • like things to be easy to find but not mind what it looks like
  • like things to be out of sight

How do you like things in your home or work space to be organised?