Start Here

The command center needs to be in a place that everyone in the household that needs to be reminded of events and activities has access to. Decide on a place in the home which is accessible for everyone and that everyone passes through regularly. A corner in the kitchen, a spot in the hall. A place where general household information and school and activity  commitments collect.

Make the rules

Decide what belongs in the command center and what doesn’t. Tog bags need to find a different home but bills, invitations, tickets for items that need to be collected, raffle sheets, play or concert tickets and the like belong in the center.

Make a place for the unwanted items

Decide where the things you don’t want in the command center need to go, excess art from school falls into this category

Create a filing system

An upright box with different coloured folders will catch information as it comes into the home. decide on the headings for the folders. One for each member of the family is a good start but one for pets, particular sport activities or club information, house, car could also be included

Create a space for the essentials

If you are always looking for keys add a few key hooks, add a pile of clean envelopes for the reply slips that need to be sent to school, a small container for a pen  the white board marker and pair of scissors

Have a place for trash

A recycling bin to collect anything that does not need to be pinned or filed close at hand will help to prevent a build up of papers and old envelopes or junk mail.

Add a white board and a pin board

A white board is great to keep tabs on  daily to do lists, a pin board helps to keep invitations  and appointments top of mind. Family schedules also fit in well here

Have a weekly clear out

Clear the white board and pin board on a weekly basis, this way items that are done can be removed and new items put in their place.