The Emotional Cost of Clutter

I have been thinking about this a great deal lately, possibly through acknowledging how good I feel when I actively remove clutter from my space. Clutter is not restricted to just things we can see but also to that emotional trash that holds us back. Often the spin off to clearing  physical things is the emotional letting go of ties holding us back. Clutter being anything we don’t  need, love or use can take many forms

  • Gifts we feel obliged to keep – is there someone or and organisation that could make better use of this?
  • Things I spent a lot of money on –  possibly a mistake purchase or something that really is not part of my life now ,maybe this could be sold to recoup losses  – a picture on a trade or swap site might help here
  • Things that are kept just in case I might need them – here the list is huge and possibly requires some soul searching and included here are those projects I thought I might get to like all those unused baking  utensils – is there someone who could make better use of them

Clutter stops us from really looking at who we are and often is something we hide behind but maybe the big thing to do today would be to just clear one small area.