Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of everything you need to do? Here’s how to make effective to-do lists that really help you take control.

First, make a list of everything you need to get done. Don’t worry about prioritising at this stage, just get it all down on paper.

Next, put a letter next to each item:

  • ‘A’ for very important, urgent tasks.
  • ‘B’ for important but not urgent tasks.
  • ‘C’ for jobs that aren’t essential but would be nice to get done
  • ‘D’ for anything that isn’t actually important at all.

Now take your pen and firmly cross out all the ‘D’ items. If they’re not important, why waste your time worrying about them? Your list is shorter already!

Sort your ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ jobs into three lists. Look at the items on these lists. Can any of them be delegated to someone else? This is where Simply Organised Solutions can help. Take a look at the range of services on our website or call for a chat.

Once you’ve crossed all inessential tasks off your list and delegated everything you can, look at what’s left.

Getting Going

Pick the top three tasks on your ‘A’ list and just tackle those. Taking positive action – even a small action – will make you feel less overwhelmed. Plus, focusing on the ‘A’ list means you’ll get the most urgent tasks out of the way first, reducing your stress levels and making it easier to tackle the rest of your lists.