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Shopping/ errands

Returns/ exchanges

Product/Internet research

Lifts for elderly

Courier/ delivery

Moving assistance

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Home Services

Waiting on tradesmen/ deliveries

Welcoming guests, checking in/out

Stocking fridge/bar

Pre and post holiday home cleaning

Organising and optimising of home and home office space

Decluttering and downsizing

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Tourist Assistance

Holiday grocery shopping


Daily assistance

Personal shopping

Errand running

Tour bookings

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What clients say about us

A completely refurbished bathroom in just six days! Fiona’s quiet efficiency and astute planning and management made a potentially stressful project into a stroll in the park… We were so impressed with her wise decisions and great choice of materials, and the excellent standard of workmanship by her team of experienced workers. Well done – – and thank you again!

Happy clients – Shelley and Arthur

This is an incredible business. Fiona can make the impossible possible. She is so good at arranging a huge multitude of things that I kind of wish she’d just take over my life! Highly recommended. And affordable. A six out of five stars.

Renee Bonorchis

Fiona did a great job for me whilst I was away looking after my sister – I came back to a super organised and logical kitchen and garage – with everything in its right place, fixed, painted etc.
Very easy to work with, had ideas and suggestions and nothing was too much of a challenge. 
Thanks Fiona


We recently used Simply Organised Solutions to pack up our house in Constantia and help us move. At time when there were enormous changes and the end of the year looming with hectic school and business schedules. Fiona and her team were brilliant, calm, very organised and made my life sooo much easier! Thank you!


Fiona was such a help and willingly took on a job i could have done myself (but with many interruptions to my work and lots of hassles anticipated). She kept me updated at every step of the way (I live in UK) and i am immensely grateful to have been able to let this company deal with my small move in my absence. Thank you, @simply organised solutions, and i look forward to working with you again.

Home Move/Services

Simply Organised was a wonderful way to declutter and organise rooms of my house. I was also given contacts in order to sell or donate items. Many items were taken away immediately for donation so the decluttering was also immediate. I have a craft area which was reorganized and labelled to facilitate better use of the area. Everything also ran according to a time schedule and a huge amount was done in that time.
Many thanks,Fiona.

Home/ craft area declutter

You were great in assisting me with decluttering my space in the garage and the shed – I can now actually get into both spaces without first having to unpack everything – thanks!


So grateful for your fantastic and efficient help with my garage and cupboards, thank you! Look forward to tackling the shed soon.

Garage/Shed Declutter

Lets talk about Uncomfortable things

A lot has happened in the last year. I lost my dear husband very suddenly and this year has been a journey. Although we were organised, I now would like to put information in place so that all my details are as easy to deal with as possible. I have a few lists of information that really help when trying to close off an estate, or if you must take over someone’s life because of illness, or they’re not being…

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5 Steps to Simplify Filing

Why file?  Let’s face it, filing isn’t everyone’s favourite job. So to motivate yourself to create your ideal filing system, focus on the benefits it’s going to bring you. A good filing system gets rid of all those mushrooming piles of paper that have a tendency to take over desks and any other horizontal surface. Being able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily frees up your time – and who doesn’t need more time? Peace of mind.…

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Tourist Assistance

New to town, arriving at your holiday destination and finding that the fridge is packed with your pre -selected groceries. There is a chilled bottle of your favourite wine in the fridge. Its going to be a wonderful holiday. Need My Citi bus cards to get around, suggestions for suitable entertainment for your 6 year old or a restaurant booked? Tell us your requirements and let Simply Organised Solutions take the mundane away from your special time away! Contact me…

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Home Services

You have meetings scheduled and a busy work day ahead but the washing machine is broken and the repair man can only arrive when you can be there. Outsource the problem and let Simply Organised Solutions project manage the process in your absence. “ We recently relocated back from the UK, Simply organised Solutions managed the departure of our tenant from our home, Fiona was there when we couldn’t be” Greg* Having to be in two places at any one…

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Personal Concierge Services

“ I have such a long to do list I just don’t know where to start”, said Susan*, one of my clients. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed when we are bombarded by a list of things we need to get done and also have a list of things we want to do like schedule that cup of coffee with a friend you haven’t seen for ages or the time to attend that bread making course you have always wanted…

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Frustrated Teen

Tips to help your Teen get Organised

A teen’s bedroom can be a scary place and is often a huge source of conflict between parent and child. Helping create a structure to their space that is user friendly and that makes sense to them will help in making tidying and maintaining order easier. Organising your space and time is a skill and there is no better way to learn what works best than to experiment with different ideas.

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Command Center

Setting Up a Family Command Center

Start Here The command center needs to be in a place that everyone in the household that needs to be reminded of events and activities has access to. Decide on a place in the home which is accessible for everyone and that everyone passes through regularly. A corner in the kitchen, a spot in the hall. A place where general household information and school and activity  commitments collect.

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Teaching Children to be Organised

Teaching Children to be Organised Its the end of term, school reports are out and the holidays beckon. In the gap before term starts again is the chance to reflect on what is working in your child’s space and possibly how time and space could be better organised. Does it frustrate you that things are forgotten, that things are not planned properly Do you often end up doing things for your child because it is just quicker, easier and more…

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